The UK’s most common winter pests

Pests aren’t only around in the summer months.  Whilst it’s true that they may be more active in the summer there are plenty of winter pests that you should be on the lookout for.

Many rodents and insects hibernate during the winter making your home or business very attractive. If there are any easy access points they will take advantage and build their nests.  These could be in your attic, garage, wall cavities and even in unused cupboards. The UK’s most common cold-weather pests include:

Mice, Rats & Squirrels

They tend to enter homes and businesses in the winter due to the scarcity of food. If you store things like cereal on your worktops, be sure to look for holes nibbled in the sides before you get your snack! These opportunistic feeders will make short work of any food they have easy access to.

They can also prove to be very destructive. They have been known to gnaw through wires and other materials in your home that can reduce the structural integrity of your walls and plumbing systems. 

Flies and Cockroaches

Though less common outside in the winter, these unpleasant pests can be found indoors in high numbers. They’re attracted to the warmth and once comfortable, will rapidly multiply.

Wasps and Hornets

Technically not winter pests, but you should be aware of their behaviour if you’d rather not wake up to a full-blown nest come spring.

If you’re at all concerned about pests this winter, or have discovered an infestation, be sure to contact Oakley Pest Control Company on 07934 375674 / 01202 925960 or complete our on-line form.